Former Caboose Hobbies Display Layout for Sale

Some of you may have been redirected here while searching for Scale Art Model Services; that entity no longer exists. SAMS was the banner used for the custom layout building service that has been disbanded. The crew was my two sons and myself, we have all moved in other directions. Scott, that’s me, moved to South Texas. Here I have reestablished my model shop in order to produce Scale Art Parts and do a limited amount of custom model building. I will consider limited model layout work that would be primarily as a consultant and/or working with the customer to design and finish a model Railroad project.


I will be happy to hear from my long time customers and also new friends who have an interest in what I have to offer. I will be doing a rolling update of this web site a time and inspiration allow. In the mean time drop me an email and touch base.

Scale Art Parts
(Scale Art Model Services)

One of Scale Art Models most memorable projects was the 4000 Sq. Ft. DWP. A 2 rail O Scale layout built for a client in Lincoln Nebraska. Scale Art Models did not enjoy the satisfaction of completing, 100% of the layout. Due to several issues and circumstances the client suspended our involvement before the project was officially completed. My sons and I worked on the project for 5+ years. A number of structures are built from scratch and many scenes are close to prototype. It was an enormous undertaking. This project nearly did me in, note the white hair and beard, was not so when I started.  We commuted from Denver Colorado to work on the layout. We would stay in Lincoln for 7-10 days at a time, generally twice a month through the spring, summer and early fall. We did not travel in the winter. The days we were at the site were intense, long days to get as much done as possible. We seldom saw the owner during our trips. He did not enjoy the process of building the layout. Some trips he would visit the site once, some not at all and we would see him only during our wrap up dinner before we left to go home. Sometimes he would hand me a list of changes for next trip. He was always thinking. We parted on good terms and he continued to send me modeling projects, mostly locomotives and rolling stock for conversions, repaints, etc.

After we left the project the owner found some local railroaders through and including Randy’s Roundhouse in Lincoln who were willing to finish what we nearly finished. There are two youTube videos posted by the new group. The owner has since passed away. The video posters claim the owner never saw the layout operate, I don’t know if they mean “run” or as a formal operating session. He enjoyed watching it run on several occasions. Since his visits to the layout location were infrequent, he did not see it run as much as he could have. He was even offered a throttle to run the trains himself, but refused, he preferred to watch. It bothers me  if the implication is that the owner never saw it run. It sullies some great moments we had with the owner and seems to put my competence in question. If the intent is that he never enjoyed an operating session all is cool on my end.

I have mixed emotions around the new folks being in there. On one hand, I’m very glad it is being operated and enjoyed, on the other I guess I’m a little envious and defensive about my work, my art that is now being exploited by others.  They make no mention of my involvement in the project which I feel is a slight, those who know recognize the gargantuan effort and high quality work we put forth.

If you want to watch the videos here are links to the videos:

Click on the DWP herald to go to my journal pages that chronicle most of the construction.   

Shop Layout

Scott is building a small On3 layout in his shop. Click the photo to the left to open a new page or tab with details of this fun new project.


Jonstown is a much loved display layout that Scott built for Caboose Hobbies way back in 1993. It was purchased from Caboose by a customer and underwent a complete refurbishment in 2014. The layout is 4’X8’ and comes with a rolling base as seen in the photo. It has a NCE DCC system which was installed during the refurbish. It’s certainly one of a kind and was enjoyed by literally thousands of people, young and old alike. The layout is located in Denver. Email me,  and I will answer question and put you in touch with the owner.

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