Some of you may have been redirected here while searching for Scale Art Model Services; that entity no longer exists. SAMS was the banner used for the custom layout building service that has been disbanded. The crew was my two sons and myself, we have all moved in other directions. Scott, that’s me, moved to South Texas. Here I have reestablished my model shop in order to produce Scale Art Parts and do a limited amount of custom model building. I will consider limited model layout work that would be primarily as a consultant and/or working with the customer to design and finish a model Railroad project.


I will be happy to hear from my long time customers and also new friends who have an interest in what I have to offer. I will be doing a rolling update of this web site a time and inspiration allow. In the mean time drop me an email and touch base.

Scale Art Parts
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This door is a portal that leads to the organized chaos I call my shop. Once inside things begin to make sense in a low-tech kind of way. The space is about 24’ long and 8’ wide. Compared to my previous location, very small. It teaches discipline and how to be organized. One end is my casting area and the other end is for model building. I have a tendency to fill whatever space I have. While it looks messy, that is only because it is. This will alleviate some as I spend more time in here.